Emmppek Foundation

About the EMMPPEK Foundation
EMMPPEK Foundation is dedicated to adding value to people’s lives by enabling, education and empowerment initiatives.

EMMPPEK Foundation is a private charitable foundation of Dr. Emmanuel Audu-Ohwavborua, with the mission to increase opportunities for social change through strategic investments that improve quality education, child nutrition, and health and broaden economic empowerment opportunities.

The Foundation also supports stand-alone projects with the potential for significant social impact. The Foundation works with governments and charities, non-governmental organizations, and international agencies to advance its humanitarian agenda.

The scholarship is an educational support program designed to aid intelligent indigent students studying professional courses through higher institutions such as Universities and Polytechnics globally.

Nature of Scholarship

The EMMPPEK Foundation Scholarship covers both tuition fees and hostel accommodation expenses from start to finish;
(1) Interested applicants can apply online
The Scholarship is reserved for only indigent students with outstanding academic performances;