Amidst intense food and raw material scarcity arising from poor governance processes, Nigeria needs to embark on new dimension in its search for a focus on sustainable growth and development on emphasis on intense investment in agricultural research and commercial productivity using appropriate technology.

This is why we decided to take an in-depth focus of what is happening at Emmppek Farms Limited which stemmed from the company’s creative vision which implementation began shortly after its registration in 2016. The group of farms are located in Abraka and Salubi in Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta began their test-run in 2016 on Poultry and Fishery Farms with the commissioning of 2,000 Layers and 5,000 Fingerlings, respectively. The company has experienced growth due to its strong core values and diligently trained staff to expand into all aspects of farming including Fishery, Snails, Piggery, Livestock Feed Production, Vegetable Farm, Oil Palm Plantation, Banana and Maize Plantation.

The vision entails the establishment of a premier one-stop-shop for agricultural products and services in Nigeria and West Africa using appropriate technology that inspires our youths in emphasizing that there is dignity in farming without drudgery. The company is completing its plan on expanding on its extensive venturing into manufacturing and its high technology processing plant at Salubi to be supported by one modern Poultry production in Sapele, Nigeria. This will enable the company to exploit all the necessary available byproducts from investments and operations output.

At Emmppek Farms, value and wealth creation are incorporated with integrity and passion using qualified professionals utilizing Solar Power energy at all the plants to enhance productivity. For example, the Salubi innovative Egg Powdering and Chicken slaughter and processing plant is powered by the first Award-winning Solarcool Cold Room. The facility has the capacity for 100 hours cold storage with built-in cooling system from atmospheric temperature to minus (-18) degrees C in 60 minutes.

It is interesting to share with our readers some other innovative aspects of automation production technology operation at the Emmppek Farm Sapele sites which include an automated closed House system with nine layers pens each housing 15,000 birds. The Solar Power System powers the intermittent air- and water-cooling functions as well as Egg collection operation using conveyor system where no manual handling that ensures safety of 450 crates per pen on daily basis.

This enhances daily production using over 90 tons of brown quality maize monthly according to the Chris Edeh, Technical Director noting that powerful auto-feeding mechanism assures no production waste of feed via the silos in each of the extensive pens as they assure clean production environment.
The Salubi semi-intensive unit also has 15,000 pullet raising stock at which the Project Manager, Oluwayinka affirms the company has the option of either empowering youths in breeding skills in cooperative broiler raising and processing capacity or creating Hatchery, Briefing media professionals, Chris Edeh said the Company is gearing towards implementing skills training to enhance agricultural cooperative farming beginning with intensive hands-on workshop series towards jobs and wealth creation for youths. The Company believes agriculture is a crucial player in our everyday lives which why the Salubi processing centre will supply tons of bakery and pharmaceutical raw materials for drug production. Poultry droppings are assembled automatically and packaged for fertilizer and manure utility while egg shells are utilized at the feed mill plant.

The Garri and Cassava processing is another creative endearing segment at Salubi Plant. The unit has capacity to process five tons of cassava daily beginning with pelling and grating unit, followed by pasting and dehydrating section and finally to the frying and packaging units. The equipment are powered by Agrigrid designed and fabricated locally.

Thus, the Company is thus leading the way through innovative and wealth creation investment opportunity in Delta State Nigeria as it plans on going global soon with its over-riding aspiration on ‘bringing structured ingenuity to bear on operations and processes’.

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