Waste to Wealth

We have developed a waste-to-energy approach for addressing environmental concerns associated with the traditional management of waste while also generating organic fertilizer from waste.

Our ultra-modern organic fertiliser plant will process poultry litter generated in our broiler and turkey operations on various estates converting them into energy and organic fertilizer.

We are developing an aggregation centre where waste is are produced at relatively small, privately owned farms operating under contract with large poultry companies. The complexities, logistics, and transactional costs associated with aggregation require an in-depth knowledge of and a close working relationship with the poultry industry, and FDIs we are seeking funding for research from companies interested in establishing a waste to wealth programmes.

One strategy for aggregating poultry waste is to establish an enterprise Coop solely for this purpose. We will operate as a Litter Bank coordinate clean-out services and raw litter management and become the value-added manufacturer