What We Do

We advise clients across the agricultural value chain on a broad range of topics, including but not limited to:

Investment opportunity identification
We have created a unique perspective on value-creation pools and investment opportunities in food and agriculture. We bring this perspective to our work with private-equity groups and financial investors—and to our work supporting industry players as they plan for strategic growth.
Raw-materials management
We help consumer-packaged goods and processing companies improve performance within their raw-agricultural-materials procurement and risk-management functions.
Farm operations improvement
Increasingly, we are developing approaches that help farm operators and land-holding management companies drive operational improvements.
Fresh-food supply chain management
We use an end-to-end perspective on supply-chain management to help our clients reduce shrinkage and optimize the quality and cost of their fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats.
Rural development
We help national governments and development partners in emerging economies develop their agriculture sectors, and we work with donor agencies and foundations that support rural agriculture.